Crafty idea: Decoupaged canvases

I have seen these for a long time, and have wanted to try my hand at them. So, I decided to to give them to my family as gifts!
Step 1: buy a canvas
2: cut paper squares (mine were 3x3). I used paper from the scrapbooking store. I used Modge Pouge to glue them to the canvas with a foam brush.
3: I painted a cross and heart. (I free-handed mine but you could use a template to trace). I also painted a ragged edge around the sides.
4: When it all dried, I sanded it with sandpaper to give it a vintage look, then I personalized it with the family name. I used a metallic paint pen to free hand scrolls around the heart.
I think everyone in the family liked theirs. There is really no way to know b/c they wouldn't tell me if they didn't, but I think they did! :)
If you are not into making stuff, then there are some adorable variations of these canvases! This girl is a vendor at First Monday in Canton and has some really neat ones..


Anonymous said...

We loved ours. :)

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

oh yeah! Then its settled- they liked them!

Anonymous said...

I really, really love ours. It is prominently displayed right in the area of the house that we spend most of the time in...the kitchen, of course. And it's perfect. I love that it is personalized, but you did misspell our last name...just kidding! Love, Mom