Why I am jealous of my sister

My mom raised 2 girls and a boy that love to decorate. I am not sure you can tell from this blog, but I like house decor ALMOST as much as I like paper. Almost. So, instead of reading In Style, which always makes me feel poor and frumpy, I am much happier with a great house decor magazine. (The steal is $100 pair of shoes? Yeah, I guess that is a steal...when you compare it to the $1000 pair next to them.)

My sister's family bought their house knowing it was too small and they would need to do some additions. The special time came in the past few months, where they have been living with workmen and sawdust all over the place. They added a couple of rooms, but my favorite has to be the laundry room.

There is something about being able to custom design such a utilitarian part of your house that makes it feel so special. My sister is a great decorator and I love the way her laundry room turned out. I would totally NOT mind doing laundry in this SO cute room!
Allow me to take you on a tour the next few days....

This is the view when you get the room. Notice the window- those shutters are on the inside. Cute. I love the sage green cabinets. You cannot tell here, but they are distressed. Also, the glass doors have those little bubbles. I guess that is called bubbled glass?

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