I have a small addiction.

I know that is like saying you are "a little pregnant", but I cannot consider this a full blown addiction because it comes in waves.

I am addicted to ebay this week.

I get on an ebay kick about every 6 months. Usually when I have something that is too valuable to sell in a garage sale and I like to see what it might go for. We are currently going on a mission trip to Africa in 2 weeks, so I have been selling stuff on ebay to raise money for it!

So far, I sold some perfume (just switched fragrances on Mother's Day to Philosophy Amazing Grace), a jacket my husband never wore, old stationery...and now I am onto chenille.

I found all this great chenille when I was making the curtains for my office, so I bought some to list on ebay. Some of it I couldn't list b/c I fell in love with it, but most of it is on there now. Its vintage chenille from the 30's, 40's and 50's and its so fun.
The reason that I feel so addicted is because I check it AT LEAST once a day. I love to see what is being viewed most, what items have the most "watchers' and what has gone up in the auction. Is is like the lure of checking email or a blog- I sit down and think, even though I should be working, it won't take THAT long to check the status of my ebay stuff. And then I get sidetracked, of course!!

Here is what I am selling- isn't it great???

Are there any other ebayers out there? What do you like to buy?


Anonymous said...

Very nice job!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten a lot of nice things from ebay !!