What's your one thing?

Yikes, so long since my last post!! Sorry, friends!! My son has been exerting a lot of activity this week. He is starting to run around and threw his first official "MINE" tantrum today over sharing a crayon with his dad. Fun times. Ha ha, really, they are fun- just a little crazy!!

I was thinking today how much I love paper. I guess that might be obvious, since it is the nature of this blog and my business. I know this about myself, but was reminded the other day while garage sailing in my neighborhood. One of my neighbors was a greeting card rep for Papyrus and had all sorts of adorable cards, wrapping paper, journals, and the like. I was in heaven! I mean, I MAKE greeting cards for a living... I don't need more filling up my closets. But I could not resist. I walked out with a handful of adorable stuff I will likely never use. :)

It got me thinking how everyone has something they cannot resist. It might be something they have dozens of, but if the price and design is right, they cannot walk past? It could be shoes, desserts, purses, accessories, or something completely different. (I think those are some other things I love!) So, this memorial day weekend, what is your one thing you cannot get enough of??? Or, more than one thing?


Unknown said...

Pens...I love the. That and journals/notebooks...I have so many of those, but when they come out with so cute designs, I can't help it but buy more!!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

That is a great one. Office supplies are hard to resist, for sure!!

girlmomx3 said...

Sharpies-new ones. Not old flat ones! A teacher also has a hard time walking away from new crayons!

{CuTe CaRd QuEeN} said...

Oh, thats a good one too. I just colored today and thought about how much I LOVE crayons!!