Today, it is pouring down rain. Like, monsoon, style. I really love the rain, and luckily, I don't have to leave the house until this evening, so I have enjoyed hearing the rain on the windows and staying in.
I gave my son a bath, and he can not stay in it long enough. I will do anything in that room- clean the counter, organize my jewelry, scrub around the tub...so he can stay in the tub and play. But even after I do everything I can think of and its been a LONG time, he still cries when I get him out. I think that has to do with how much he likes throwing things into the tub. By the time he is done, all the bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo bottles and any other stray bystander is in the tub with him. He takes the cup that I wash his hair with, fills it up with water, and drinks it. How disgusting. But he loves it. I get him to stop but as soon as I turn my head he is drinking up the dirty shampoo water. I guess I can tell myself he is building immunities???

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Anonymous said...

I think all kids do it, so it must not hurt. Can't be as bad for you as eating mud pies! He's a cutie!